About Us

It's pretty simple really, we are all about great service through stainless solutions, and we have been practising it for 650 years.

Stainless Solutions. Made Simple.Fagersta has been putting the "custom" in customer for over 650 years

At Fagersta, we are not about being the biggest, but we are about being the best.

At Fagersta Steels we pride ourselves on always putting the customer first. We help make stainless solutions simple for you by ensuring satisfaction through high delivery performance, flexibility and extensive service. We call this the Fagersta Service Promise.


Safety is a core commitment of our company. We believe that there is no excuse for any incidents, large or small, in the workplace. All incidents and injuries are avoidable. We care about our employee’s health and wellbeing, but we care just as much about yours. This is why you will see we are rigorous about load restraint and safe handling techniques to ensure that our products continue to pose no risk to any customers or the public once they leave our site.

Our commitment to quality is genuine. Our products are manufactured according to ASTM Standards. To ensure the chain of material identification and traceability and therefore quality is protected, Fagersta obtains certificates of conformance from the suppliers.

Fagersta Steels’ ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures quality of the service rendered to customer. Certification ensures that Fagersta is systematically managed and its operations conform to the requirements of the Standard. ISO 9001 Standard is recognised world wide as good management practice.

So whatever it is you need, we are looking forward to helping you.
Trust size, history and knowledge. Trust Fagersta.