Our History

It's pretty simple really, we are all about bloody good service
and we have been practising it for 650 years.

Six Centuries of Steel Originating in Sweden, Fagersta has 650 years of experience in global steel markets

Fagersta has been synonymous with steel for six centuries in Sweden.

Steel billets branded with the Fagersta trademark, the “lily” were carried on the waterways to Stockholm for distribution throughout Europe long before Captain Cook was born. The Fagersta mills have made significant contributions to the development of Stainless Steel, High Speed Steel and many other sophisticated steel products. Fagersta was also a pioneer in the development of cemented carbide tools.

When the Fagersta subsidiary was established in Australia in 1964, it concentrated mainly on the distribution of carbide tipped tools for rock drilling and metalworking. In 1972 the Carbide products were transferred to a joint venture with BHP.

Since that time, Fagersta in Australia has devoted itself exclusively to the distribution of Stainless Steel products, reaching a position as one of the leading specialists in this field.

Over the years, after the initial Sales and Distribution Office opening in Melbourne, expansion has occurred with offices and warehouses opened in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Shepparton.